Mu'minah in sha ALLAH



[Palestinian holds up a poster:

Take my water
Burn my olive trees
Destroy my house
Take my job
Steal my land
Imprison my father
Kill my mother
Bomb my country
Starve us all
Humiliate us all
I am to blame: I shot a rocket back]


The photo speaks louder than any caption ever could.

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Pray for Gaza
Pray for Gaza
Pray for Gaza.

At least ingat mereka dalam doa kita time sebelum nak berbuka tu. Makan ke tak diorang? Berbuka apa kat sana? Tembak doa laju2. Sebab kebanyakan waktu dalam bulan Ramadhan adalah mustajab.

Pray, pleaseeee.



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I am going to my homeland in sha Allah.
I won’t be very active the next weeks in sha Allah.
But after this in sha Allah again.

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu my siblings in Islam.



Palestinians comfort Yasser Al Haj, who lost eight members of his family in an Israeli missile strike early morning, in Khan Younis refugee camp, southern Gaza Strip on Thursday, July 10, 2014.

Wallahi this is so so sad. Ya Rabi grant the oppressed victory over the oppressors.

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Whoever asks Allah for Paradise three times..

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Innalilah wa inna ilayhi rajioon.
Just heard news that my cousin in Gaza got killed today. He was my age.. Everyone keep Palestine in your duas. And my family. Don’t send me any messages, tho I appreciate it. I just need a moment. Allah yerhamo.

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If you asked me what humanity is! respect to Mike Prysner - U.S soldier. جندي أمريكي قاتل أثناء الحرب الأمريكية على العراق

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The most powerful oppressor is not the one who can kill, but the one who can convince the world that the oppressed deserves their oppression.

Ya Allah destroy the yahud

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I don’t think any post on tumblr has ever broken my heart as quickly as this one did.

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"Verily, we were a disgraceful people and Allaah honored us with Islam, so if we seek honor from other than Islam, then Allaah will humiliate us.”


Umar ibn Al-Khattab [Al-Mustadrak ala as-Saheehain 214]

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This is since the attacks started on Tuesday. Let it sink in. Via Al Jazeera.

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Interviewer: Mr. Bin Laden, if you had an opportunity to give a message to President Clinton, what would that message be?
Sheikh Usama Bin Laden (Rahimahullah): Mentioning the name of Clinton or that of the American government provokes disgust and revulsion. This is because the name of the American government and the name of Clinton and Bush directly reflect in our minds the picture of children with their heads cut off before even reaching one year of age. It reflects the picture of children with their hands cut off, the picture of the children who died in Iraq, the picture of the hands of the Israelis with weapons destroying our children. The hearts of Muslims are filled with hatred towards the United States of America and the American president. The President has a heart that knows no words. A heart that kills hundreds of children definitely, knows no words. Our people in the Arabian Peninsula will sent him messages with no words because he does not know any words. If there is a message that I may send through you, then it is a message I address to the mothers of the American troops who came here with their military uniform walking proudly up and down our land while the scholars of our country are thrown in prisons. I say that this represents an a blatant provocation to 1,250 million Muslims. To these mothers I say if they are concerned for their sons, then let them object to the American government's policy and to the American president. Do not let themselves be cheated by his standing before the bodies of the killed soldiers describing the freedom fighters in Saudi Arabia as terrorists. It is he who is a terrorist who pushed their sons into this for the sake of the Israeli interest.

“ Yes he has ‘Kafir’ on his forehead, but it’s really about what is in his heart. ”

—    Modern Muslims when Dajjal arrives. (via daralkufr)

Auzubillah . May Allah protect us from the fitnah of Dajjal.

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